ABA Level 1 (Pistol) Concealed Carry Weapons CCW For Security And Shop Owners

Pistol Concealed Carry For Private Security Close Protection Officers CPO (Pistol OIF Level 1 Required)

Course Dates

20nd Of Every Month

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USA, Italy and Lebanon

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Concealed Carry And Weapons Concealment In Stores Make For A More Difficult Situation When It Comes To Fast Reactions And Defence.

The Course Is A Complete Guide To Understanding Conflict Avoidance And Situational Awareness; Home Security And Home Defence; Handgun, Shotgun And AR-15 Basics; Shooting Fundamentals; The Physiology Of Violent Encounters; The Legal Aspects Of Using Deadly Force (Including Knowing What To Do In The Aftermath); And A Complete Guide On Gear, Gadgets, And Ongoing Training.


This Course Is For Any Person That Owns A Shop, Shop Staff And Store Security Guards That May Come Into Conflict With Armed Raiders, Hostage Situations And Basic Hold-Up And Theft.


ABA Level 1 (Pistol) Concealed Carry Weapons CCW For Security And Shop Owners



Skill Prerequisites

Level 1 Pistol Online


  • This Course Will Be Assessed By The Range Officer And Firearms Instructor For Safety (NSP’s), Range Protocol, Manners, Emergency Actions, Accuracy And Speed. 
  • It Will Be Assessed By 80% Practical And 20% Theory Examination
  • A Portfolio Of Training Will Be Complimented By Your Award Presented To You For Your Proof Of Participation Which You Will Take With You As Proof Of Your Learning


  •  Award For The Skill Level In Which You Took This Course.
  • The Representative Will Present You With Your Award At The End Of The Course


  • Refresh Gun Safety Rules And Range Safety Procedures
  • Holsters And Equipment For Shop Owners
  • Different Types Of Concealment For Security Guards
  • Instinctive Shooting And Accuracy
  • Store SOP’s
  • Store Weapons Concealment
  • Safety And Maintenance Of The Weapons